What are Teachers Saying About "Safe at Home"?

"This was a fun and exciting way for students to learn about fossil fuels and pipelines in our area. Several of the students were not even aware that there were pipes underground. My students loved the program and would come in everyday and ask if we were doing Safe At Home today? Thank you for providing this fun educational program for my class."

—Tammy Merimon, Williams Elementary

"This is a great program!  Even I learned a few things.  Students really enjoyed the colorful booklets.  The information in the booklet not only helped students improve in science, but it also taught them and their parents things that they didn't know before completing this program.  Our school is located in predominantly Hispanic neighborhood so this information is very valuable since our community most of the time isn't aware of certain procedures. "

—Rocio Gamoa, Jacinto City Elementary

"The activities were very engaging for my students and they really enjoyed it. The students were fascinated and learned a lot with the information booklet that was sent to use. Thank you for all your materials and support because many of my students were not aware of the dangers that exist within our community."

—Leticia Alvarado, Jacinto City Elementary

"The students enjoyed the hands on activities.  They were able to go home and evaluate their own home environment for safety precautions and share their new knowledge with their families. – Dawn Swain, South Shaver Elementary

Thanks for giving us another tool for teaching our Earth Science objectives.  The students enjoyed the experience that Safe At Home provided. "

—Ana Rivera-Perez,  J. C. Mitchell Elementary

“I used the Safe At Home program to teach my students about gas and pipeline safety in the home and in the community. I integrated language arts, social studies and mathematic skills into each lesson. I think that this is a great program because the students learn about gas and pipeline safety and investigate key earth science topics. Also, they enjoyed the student friendly website. It is a helpful resource.”

—Juan Ceccato, Carroll Academy

“Students like Leo's character and were highly engaged by the story. They enjoyed the activities, specially the physical science with the balloons, and the combustion one. They increased their knowledge demonstrated by the pre-test and post-test. I would recommend it to other teachers.”

—Ursula Manchego, James Arlie Montgomery Elementary

“The children were excited about the hands on activities provided. We all enjoyed leaning about pipeline safety and natural gas.”

—Dawn Swain, South Shaver Elementary

“Not only students got interested in reading the booklet but also parents. My students did enjoy and learned with the simple but very informative science activities.”

—Janiz Martinez, J.C. Mitchell Elementary

“Excellent program and it was just on time for a good review of all the objectives taught. Students and parents realized how much they needed this information. There was a great school-home connection. The materials and the experiments are wonderful (easy) to work with even for my bilingual students. I hope next year we can have it again and thank you for this opportunity.”

—Eva Davila, J.C. Mitchell Elementary

“The program was very useful to help reinforce concepts like fossil fuels. The more hands on activities, the better.”

—Joshua Chambers, Edna Mae Fielder Elementary

“The cross-curricular lessons were very helpful. They were much easier to work into our daily classroom routine than if it were just primarily a science lesson. My students enjoyed having their own workbook to keep.”

—Joshua Chambers, Edna Mae Fielder Elementary

“I definitely enjoyed using the materials. They covered the same information as our science book but it looked different and added variety to the classroom presentation. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of materials for the experiments as that is the most time-consuming and expensive part of teaching science. The only activity that didn't work was Activity 6; it just didn't make sense to the students. But they were excited about the other activities. Thanks for offering these materials to me. I would use them again in the future.”

—Paulina Stagg, West Houston Charter Elementary

“I liked the integration of writing, reading, math, and science in the program. The worksheets were not on grade level. However, I felt that the content may not be challenging enough for 5th graders. My students felt that it would be more appropriate for 3rd or 4th graders. They enjoyed the experiments in activity 4.”

—Paulina Stagg, West Houston Charter Elementary

“Students enjoyed labs and smelling cards. The worksheets were a bit below grade level. If we had received them earlier in the school year perhaps this would not be the case. Students were confused about test directions which may have affected results.”

—Leah Cheney, Art & Pat Goforth Elementary

“I think the program is a great tool to reinforce some of the concepts learned in 5th grade. Students also have a better understanding of the use of energy around their homes and the safety issues related to it.”

—Octavio Llauger, Edna Mae Fielder Elementary

“This was an interesting activity in which lots of science principles were involved. If the program is offered next year, I will devote more time to it.”

—Robert Downing, Williams Elementary