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Welcome to the SAH Team:

In addition to the Safe at Home student booklet and labs, there are online support materials.  The teacher support materials are in the SAH Lesson Plan.

You can either access the Student Safe at Home website site directly at http://www.safeathomewithleo.com, or you can access the lesson specific website modules and documents by clicking the relevant lesson plans below:

  Lesson 1 - History of Home Heating:
  Lesson 2 - From Well to Home:
  Lesson 3 - What are Fossil Fuels, and Where do they Come From?:
  Lesson 4 - Properties of Matter, Part A: Solids, liquids and gases:
  Lesson 5 - Properties of Matter, Part B: Viscosity and Flammability (Combustion):
  Lesson 6 - Gas Safety Indoors - Using gas Safely:
  • Safe at Home E-Card - Send Safe at Home gas and pipeline safety electronic greeting card (e-card) to family and friends
  Lesson 7 - Gas Safety Outdoors - Pipeline safety and you:
  • Learn about PIGS and how they are used to keep pipelines safe - Interactive web activity
  Additional activity materials available online: