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Is your school located within the vicinity of an underground pipeline?

Do your students know how to be safe around pipelines and gas appliances?

Safe at Home is a popular science and safety program. Safe at Home students and their families learn about buried pipelines and home gas safety as a part of their 4th and 5th grade science classes. This engaging program integrates important pipeline and home gas appliance safety concepts into five classroom hours of required natural resource science lessons. Parents and teachers alike praise the valuable safety information woven into these lessons. Safe at Home teachers have reported impressive stories about students keeping their families and community safe using knowledge learned in their Safe at Home studies.

Safe at Home students are invited to join Leo the Lion and his family as they…

    Learn about gas and pipeline safety in the home and in the community.
    Investigate key earth science topics such as the formation of fossil fuels and the earth processes that bring about change through time.
    Explore key physical science topics such as the properties of matter, combustion, viscosity and phase change.
    Integrate language arts, social studies and mathematic skills into each lesson.

The SAH program helps students perform better on standardized tests with:

• Pre- and post assessments

• Labs and activities integrated into the text

Students love reading the story about Leo the lion and his family as they learn about energy resources and the pipelines that transport them to our home. Most importantly, students also learn to be more safety conscious about pipeline right-of-ways and gas appliances in their homes. Safe at Home is a thorough package including a booklet for each student, pre-tests, post-tests, a 14- point indoor and outdoor home safety survey for parents, a safety poster, a Teacher Guide, scratch & sniff cards, and equipment to support the science activities. There are also certificates and a ‘Call-811-Before-You-Dig’ wristband for every student.

As a pipeline company sponsored program, Safe at Home is provided at no cost to schools. Teachers receive a stipend upon submitting student test data, parent participation rates, and teacher evaluations and opinion surveys.

Safe at Home impact

Since 2006, pipeline and utility companies have been sponsoring Safe at Home for select schools located within close proximity to their managed pipelines. Safe at Home has now reached 97,572 students and households in 242 communities in 27 states; a growing number of the young people who learned about pipeline safety as Safe at Home students have entered the work force and are now voting age adults.

Teachers were recently surveyed on the effectiveness of Safe At Home in teaching safety around natural gas and pipelines. Here are some of those results:

How well did students understand safety concepts before and after participating in Safe at Home? Graphs:

  1. How much did SAS improve your student’s ideas and focus on safety?
  2. How much did SAH help your students and their families…..
  3. Safety: Pre & Post Test Results
  4. Parent Participation
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